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Personnel Files

All active and inactive members within the 173rd Airborne Brigade.

Legion Company Command
Captain Mark Flas Company Commander Active  
First Sergeant Cain Bedlam Company First Sergeant Active  
Sergeant Nicholas Garcia Radio Telephone Operator Active  
Sergeant Sarah Mira Combat Medic Active  
Specialist First Class Dalton Gollihue Company Adjutant Active  
Legion 1 Platoon Command
Second Lieutenant Jay Gardner Platoon Leader Active  
Sergeant First Class Brandon Gromis Platoon Sergeant Active  
Specialist Second Class Leon Bjornstedt Combat Engineer Active  
Specialist Second Class Ian Hale Combat Medic Active  
Specialist Caleb Porter Radio Telephone Operator Active  
Legion 1-1
Staff Sergeant Luke Matney Squad Leader Active  
Sergeant Timmy Beal Alpha Fireteam Leader Active  
Corporal Joseph Woodard Bravo Fireteam Leader Active  
Specialist John Mullins Alpha Grenadier Active  
Specialist Sage Bathgate Bravo Automatic Rifleman Active  
Private Eduardo Guerrero Alpha Rifleman Active  
Recruit Jared Rogers Alpha Rifleman Active  
Recruit Mike Dunleavy Bravo Rifleman Active  
Legion 1-2
Sergeant Austin Spears Squad Leader Active  
Corporal Adrian Gomez Alpha Fireteam Leader Active  
Corporal Israel Ramos Bravo Fireteam Leader Active  
Specialist Joshua OBrien Alpha Automatic Rifleman Active  
Specialist Calvin Floyd Bravo Grenadier Active  
Specialist Samuel Flick Bravo Automatic Rifleman Active  
Specialist Austin Kelley Alpha Grenadier Active  
Specialist Victor Levorse Alpha Designated Marksman Active  
Legion 1-4
Sergeant Ryan Agliam Squad Leader Active  
Corporal David Lonsway Senior Machine-Gunner Active  
Corporal Dallon Figari Senior Anti-Tank Specialist Active  
Specialist Akito Kisarazu Assistant Machine-Gunner Active  
Private First Class Kay Oakley Machine-Gunner Active  
Private Nicholas Hood Anti-Tank Specialist Active  
Recruit Kenneth Crebar Assistant Anti-Tank Specialist Active  
Legion 2 Platoon Command
First Lieutenant Jared Hedd Platoon Leader Active  
Sergeant First Class Luke Storey Platoon Sergeant Active  
Specialist Jacob Chapman Combat Medic Active  
Legion 2-1
Sergeant Sean Counterman Squad Leader Active  
Sergeant Frederic Paris Bravo Fireteam Leader Active  
Corporal Spencer Vermillion Alpha Fireteam Leader Active  
Specialist Cory Byrd Alpha Grenadier Active  
Private First Class Claudio Monetti Alpha Rifleman Active  
Private Kurt Bohley Bravo Rifleman Active  
Private Ethan Baylon Alpha Rifleman Active  
Recruit Jarrett Roberts Bravo Rifleman Active  
Legion 2-2
Staff Sergeant Tommy Heimer Squad Leader Leave of Absence  
Sergeant Klara Frohler Alpha Fireteam Leader Active  
Corporal Andrew Siedlecki Bravo Fireteam Leader Active  
Specialist Second Class Ryan Maris Alpha Grenadier Active  
Specialist Jacob Rodriguez Combat Medic Active  
Specialist Igne Gray Bravo Rifleman Active  
Specialist Brady Armstrong Bravo Rifleman Leave of Absence  
Private First Class Chris Klimik Alpha Automatic Rifleman Active  
Private Brandon Glutt Alpha Rifleman Active  
Private Mike Callum Bravo Rifleman Active  
Legion 2-3
Sergeant Michael Shelby Squad Leader Active  
Corporal Jeff Frey Bravo Fireteam Leader Active  
Corporal Thomas Gann Alpha Fireteam Leader Active  
Specialist Lou Gunner Bravo Automatic Rifleman Active  
Private First Class David Schmitz Combat Medic Active  
Private Max Wileker Bravo Rifleman Active  
Private Kelan Teagan Bravo Grenadier Active  
Private Keven Solis Alpha Automatic Rifleman Active  
12th Combat Aviation Brigade
First Lieutenant Jeff Grey Pilot Active  
Second Lieutenant Benjamin Osborn Detachment Commanding Officer Active  
Chief Warrant Officer 3 Dean Stutz Detachment Executive Officer Active  
Warrant Officer 1 Alistair Bryan Pilot Active  
Warrant Officer 1 Robin Goldman Pilot Active  
Warrant Officer 1 Austin Daniel Pilot Active  
Warrant Officer Candidate Nate Klein Warrant Officer Candidate Active  
Headquarters & Headquarters Company
Captain Brock MacDonald Company Adjutant Active  
First Lieutenant Micheal Harrison Personnel Officer Active  
Master Sergeant John Corbett Company Sergeant Active  
Sergeant McKay Dallas Operations Staff Active  
Corporal Alberto Velasco Military Police Section Lead Active  
Recruit Brandon Dumbo S1 Test Dummy Active  
Training Platoon
Recruit Gavin Brown Recruit Active  
Recruit James Nelson Recruit Active  
Recruit Tyler Jackson Recruit Active  
Recruit Aiden Attwell Recruit Active  
Staff Sergeant Duncan Hillyer S9 Out Reach Leader Leave of Absence  
Corporal Steve Bogan Alpha Fireteam Leader Leave of Absence  
Specialist Johnathan Stone Bravo Designated Marksman Leave of Absence  
Specialist Second Class Elliot Edblom Reservist Active  
Specialist Oliver Tiit Reservist Active  
Specialist Jason Hardy Reservist Active  
Private Daniel Song Recruit Active  
Private Samantha Langley Reservist Active  
Private Drew Ninde Reservist Active  
Private Ardee Raphael Secillano Reservist Active  
Retired Soldiers
Captain Austin Myers Former Company Commander Retired  
First Lieutenant Benjamin Anders Former Company Executive Officer Retired  
First Lieutenant Dominic Tucker Former Operations Officer Retired  
Second Lieutenant Neal Caffrey Former Company Commander Retired  
Chief Warrant Officer 2 Tim Smith Retired Retired  
First Sergeant Ronnie Swords Former Company First Sergeant Retired  
First Sergeant Bailey D'Amour Former Company First Sergeant Retired  
Sergeant First Class Joshua Chamberlain Former Platoon Sergeant Retired  
Staff Sergeant Lyran Draconis Former Squad Leader Retired  
Staff Sergeant Michael Smith Former Squad Leader Retired  
Staff Sergeant Kane Dimitroff Retired Retired  
Staff Sergeant Arturo Trevino Former Squad Leader Retired  
Sergeant Cedric Rodriguez Former Squad Leader Retired  
Sergeant Brandon Walsh Former Squad Leader Retired  
Honorably Discharged
First Lieutenant Dylan Schnoebelen Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Second Lieutenant Ryan Bourn Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Staff Sergeant Jordy Govaerts Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Sergeant Tyler Fox Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Sergeant Jan Benacek Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Sergeant Matthias Viberg Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Sergeant Matt Parks Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Sergeant Stephen Croft Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Corporal Scott Fields Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Corporal Christopher Nutter Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Corporal Ted Shipp Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Corporal Robert Arnold Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Corporal Hunter Glover Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Corporal James Stapp Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Corporal Chris Seaton Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Specialist First Class Patrick Kimo Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Specialist Second Class Ethan Guinto Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Specialist Second Class Michael Keis Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Specialist Second Class Mitch McCoy Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Specialist Renoch Viligans Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Specialist Zachary Staten Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Specialist Aaron Saladucha Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Specialist Lucas Orijuela Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Specialist Spencer Kasper Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Specialist Marcus Sexton Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Specialist Andrew Graves Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Specialist Skyler Pruitt Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Specialist Tori Jay Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Specialist Carson Knight Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Specialist Joshua Touchstone Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Specialist Hunter Cloak Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Specialist Christian Downs Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Specialist David Akins Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Specialist Tristan McNay Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Specialist Damian Drake Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Specialist Cade Stanfield Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Specialist John Nolen Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Specialist Sean Donohue Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Specialist Kirk Fenerty Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Specialist Christopher Watson Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Private First Class Sylas Zivotic Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Private First Class Jonathan Buche Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Private First Class Jacob Hayes Honorable Discharge Inactive  
Private First Class Riley Campbell Honorable Discharge Inactive