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[Denied] Adams, Robert - Friend of the 173rd Application

173rd Application

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Adams, Robert - Friend of the 173rd Application


   1. My Teamspeak username is: 1Kilo-37


   2. In-Game Name: 1Kilo-37


   3. Time playing on 173rd Airborne public servers: I have been playing on 173rd Airborne public servers for around a month now.


   4. Are you a former member of the 173rd Airborne Brigade Milsim Unit?: No, I am not partner of the Airborne Brigade Milsim Unit.


   5. Current members of our unit which you have played with on are public server: I have played with many Military Police (MP) but can not mansion all of them. I normally hop on later in the night and during the hold day.


   6. Why do you want to become a Friend of the 173rd instead of an Active Duty or Reserves Member: The reason I would not want to become an active duty or reserves member is because I like to play this game with a casual attitude. Another reason why I would not like to become an Active Duty or Reserves Member is because I would not like to go through hours and hours of training to try to be an active duty. The final reason I would like to be a Friend of the 173rd instead of an Active Duty or Reserves Member is because I like just talking, and hanging out with all of the people on this server, but I like to take it seriously when we are capturing different objectives.

2LT J.Hedd

2LT J.Hedd

    Second Lieutenant

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I do not give my endorsement. If you want to play "casually" that does not comply with the unit beliefs. Friend of the 173rd is reserved for prior members in good standing and occasionally very professional public players. To me this application indicates you have no interest in the finer points of this community.   


Second Lieutenant Jared Hedd
Legion 2 Platoon Leader

Airborne Ranger


SPC L.Bjornstedt

SPC L.Bjornstedt


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I do not give My Endorsement. I agree with 2LT J.Hedd. There is only 3 things i want to add to 2LT J.Hedds statement.
1. The Friend of 173rd tag is a Proof that you can be trusted and is not something you should take so lightly When Trying to apply.
2. In this appliction i dont get the feeling you actully know how 173rd operates so would actully recommend you try to get in contact with more members of 173rd before making assumptions about our so called "through hours and hours of training"
3. You also mention that you played with many MP. If you have you could at least mention 1-2 MPs that you been playing with and have Good contact with so you got Someone to referee to.

So My tips is that you play some more on the public server and try to get to know more members of 173rd and get more knowledge about the 173rd. If you have any unit related question both the MP and the MEPS officers would gladly help you out.

Specialist Leon Bjornstedt
54th Combat Engineer
MP-Military Police
Airborne l AIT l Air Assault Qualified

CW2 B.Osborn

CW2 B.Osborn

    Chief Warrant Officer 2

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I do not give my recommendation.  This post stinks to high heaven.  Not only does this strike me as someone who doesn't understand the values of the 173rd, but it's someone who just wants a tag for the supposed power it might give them.  And that... that's not something I like seeing.

Chief Warrant Officer 2 Benjamin Osborn
12th CAB Pilot
Ranger Qualified




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I don't know if my input matters here, but never have I seen him in all of my time on the pub server, and I'm fairly well-known as someone who gets around. I would wholeheartedly object to giving this person any identifying status on the pub server, much less that of a friend of the unit.

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SPC A.Palacio

SPC A.Palacio


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I do not give my endorsement because I have never seen you on before. You might go by a different name on the teamspeak but I cant recall ever speaking with you.


Specialist Andres Palacio
3/B/54th Combat Engineer

Airborne Qualified | Master Parachutist

"United we stand; divided we fall" 

CPL T.Beal

CPL T.Beal


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I do not give my endorsement because like some ther reasons, I have never seen you before

Corporal Timmy Beal
Legion 1-1 Alpha Team Leader
Airborne Qualified

SPC A.Velasco

SPC A.Velasco


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I do not give my endorsements due to my only experience with you was to tell u to remove the [173rd] tag you used in-game without permission before this request was even posted. Haven't seen you around since.

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Specialist Alberto Velasco
Asst. MP Section Lead|MEPS Mentor
Air Assault/Airborne Qualified

1SG C.Bedlam

1SG C.Bedlam

    First Sergeant

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You may reapply after 72 hours.

First Sergeant Cain Bedlam
Legion Company First Sergeant

S1 Adjutant
"I giveth and I taketh away" - 1SG Bedlam

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