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Robertson, Connor - Friend of the 173rd Application

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  1. TeamSpeak Username:
  2. In-Game Name:
  3. Time playing on 173rd Airborne public servers:
  4. Are you a former member of the 173rd Airborne Brigade Milsim Unit?:
  5. Current members of our unit which you have played with on our public server:
  6. Why do you want to become a Friend of the 173rd instead of an Active Duty or Reserves member?:

    1. Thunderhead900
    2. Thunderhead900
    3. Started in late December or early January until now (mid April)
    4. No i am not
    5. PV2 B.Wright, PV2 D.Hodgson, SPC L.Bjornstedt (most likely have played with others but can't remember their names)
    6. As i have played on the public server i have more or less found out that most of the players who do join have no idea what thy are doing. i guess what i am saying here is that i would like to play with people who in essence know what they are doing instead of just running around like headless chickens.


1SG C.Bedlam

1SG C.Bedlam

    First Sergeant

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I do not give my endorsement. Reason for friend tag is weak; you can play on the public server with these guys regardless of having a friend tag.

First Sergeant Cain Bedlam
Legion Company First Sergeant

S1 Adjutant
"I giveth and I taketh away" - 1SG Bedlam

CPL T.Beal

CPL T.Beal


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I do not give my endorsement because I have never seen you before

Corporal Timmy Beal
Legion 1-1 Alpha Team Leader
Airborne Qualified

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