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S Ryan - Unban Request

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UID: Not Known

Arma 3 / TeamSpeak Name: ryan

Steam Reference: SourVodka

Banned Environments: Arma 3 Server

Approximate Ban Date/Time: June/July-ish?

Suspected Ban Reason: Mass TK ban for 12 months

Un-Ban Rationale: I honestly was bored and did a mass tk at spawn and was kicked. I think I've been banned long enough, but that really isn't up to me. I don't really have anything that I can argue for to justify the tk, but it's been a long while since that's passed. If I ever TK, which I don't plan on, I do truly deserve a perm ban.

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SSG B.Gromis

SSG B.Gromis

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I did some digging and I cannot find any ban report to provide any additional data identifying the circumstances surrounding this ban or you.  Also, due to the generic Arma name used, I cannot be sure of which one of the 20 ryan listed in the database is you.  I would need more specific data to try to pin you down.  If you could direct message me your IP, that might help me track down your entry to review.


If I am not able to get any additional data, I will need to deny the unban request as I cannot find you to unban you as noted above.

Staff Sergeant Brandon Gromis
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