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[Denied] meysembourg, dylan - Unban Request

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PFC Meysembourg

PFC Meysembourg
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UID: Not Known

Arma 3 / TeamSpeak Name: PFC Meysembourg

Steam Reference: Dingbat505

Banned Environments: Arma 3 Server

Approximate Ban Date/Time: 1/22/2018

Suspected Ban Reason: mass TK and DC

Un-Ban Rationale: Honestly i'm on at least 4 hrs total a day sometimes more. i know i had accidentally killed some friendly's when there was a armored truck right in front of us and instead of making sure it was clear to shoot a rocket i shot first and downed me and two others after they were revived i apologized for shooting the rocket. another incident i can think of was when there was three IED's on the ground and honestly everyone moved back and me and a few people in my squad i guess were still too close to them so me and a squad member shot them and downed ourselves and two others we all laugh cause we all thought we were cleared. The only actually ment TK was a player that kept tking everyone and my brother asked for someone to take care of it no one did i shot him once in the head and tked him. After that i went into side channel and asked if anyone was gonna do anything. someone said just quit spawning there nothing else. wasnt quite happy with that figured actions would have been taken more seriously and fast reaction thats all for a bigger mass shooting at our own base of operations. honestly with the DC i had to get off it was getting late and i had to get up early to take care of my son whos 2 yrs old (dont think it mattered just info thats all) so i logged off the night so i can do that. if this is a permanent banned then ill accept it just i take responsibility of my own faults and make sure everything is taken care of.

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SSG B.Gromis

SSG B.Gromis

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Upon review of the ban report, none of the provided scenarios met the report which was filed for a multiple TK incident within a FOB which was followed with a disconnection before any corrective action could be taken at the time.  This is a 5 day ban and will remain in place due to the offense.  Should additional infractions occur upon the lapse of this ban, escalation of the punishment may be warranted.

Staff Sergeant Brandon Gromis
Legion 1-2 Squad Leader
Airborne | Air Assault
S7 Section Lead



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