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[Denied] Taylor - Unban Request

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UID: 76561198051489764

Arma 3 / TeamSpeak Name: SGT. MARLOW

Steam Reference: Tyernttvpubg

Banned Environments: Arma 3 Server

Approximate Ban Date/Time: 1/22/2018

Suspected Ban Reason: TK/DC

Un-Ban Rationale: i dont think i killed anyone if i did it was by accident and i said sorry to the few people i shot with my sniper i also asked in chat if they were friendly and had my squad check from different angles to see if they were friendly but no green marker showed up and the dc part is i have to get off late at night to go to sleep i didnt think logging off would get me banned and my internet isnt the greatest so some times i get dced from my internet this is my favorite server and i dont want to be banned i have ben on here at least 9 hours a day and i have alot of fun on this server and i tried to follow the rules and if it is a perm ban for my actions i will take the ban.

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CPT M.Flas

CPT M.Flas


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To help out, found in ban database:      

  • IP: 
  • Reason: "Mass TK and DC"


SSG B.Gromis

SSG B.Gromis

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During review, it was discovered that the IP address that was banned for this infraction was also the IP banned for another request for unban that was entered today with some similarities between rationales (found here).  A deeper review into the ban history of the IP has found the GUID for both this account and the other account having been previous banned (this statement applies to both accounts) under different names.  Given this is a repeat offense, the ban will remain in place.

Staff Sergeant Brandon Gromis
Legion 1-2 Squad Leader
Airborne | Air Assault
S7 Section Lead



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