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Apologies for BluFor kill yesterday

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Hi all. Wanted to send my apologies for a BluFor kill x2 I had yesterday (Dec 31st) on your server. I believe I was kicked from your public server for this (not sure, only been playing a month and still trying to figure it all out). I really enjoy playing constructively and cooperatively on your server. I hope yesterday's actions don't reflect too poorly on me. I look forward to playing again on your server and avoiding mistakes like below.


Details: I was sniping from a hilltop close to the objective. I saw a guy in an all white uniform on the objective looking at me in his scope (he was near an OpFor vehicle whose driver and passenger I has shot and was looking away from the OBJ and toward BluFor). I thought for a minute then thought his uniform and actions were hostile and shot him. Then a similar white uniform popped out of the sky (paradrop) near the same location and started searching for me with his scope again (so I shot him again...and was kicked from the server). I thought this was a second OpFor. In hindsight the uniform should have given him away as friendly (but at the time I thought it was some SpecOps OpFor I had never seen).


BTW...I've been having BIG problems getting my in game mic to work. I've not tried teamspeak yet. If I had the mic working I would have called out on one of the nets to get positive target ID (at least I'd like to think I would have...will do going forward for sure!)


Thanks in advance and sorry,


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GonrPyle, don’t worry about it teankills do happen by accident, further communication would definitely help you in the future. I just want to thank you for not only apologizing for your actions but more importantly taking responsibility for your actions. That takes a certain type of person. Anyway, I’ll see you around on the public server
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If you open up your extended options you can turn on player markers so you will see a marker bove your allies head. You do need to watch for allied vehicles and people on the hill as the marker can appear in weird spots above or below them.

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