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Starfinder Campaign Boot Up - Public Discussion - 173rd Airborne Brigade

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Starfinder Campaign Boot Up

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Since the website permissions are screwy, I am posting this here!


It is with great joy that I can announce that I have completed preparations on a Starfinder Campaign and I am ready to begin looking into the party and setting up a Game 0

The game will be held weekly Friday evenings at 9pm ET for 3 to 4 hours.  I am targeting the initial Game 0 for discussion on the game, character creation, etc for the Friday, 11/20.  Game 1 would be targeted for 12/4.  This gap is due to the holiday, as well as ensuring that everyone has adequate time to have their characters prepared for Game 1.

To help if there is a large amount of interest, I have setup a form to complete so we can ensure that there is a balanced party under the max character limit.  I am currently targeting a party of 6 or less.  Any interest beyond the cap will be put on a waiting list should someone bow out.

If you have any questions, please let me know on Discord and I am happy to discuss!

Form:  https://forms.gle/Ey4H4AeC7Vq5RN6p7

IC Game Details:

In the Vast, there are many uncharted worlds full of mysteries and riches.  Recently, a Xenoarcheologist by the name of Tanais put out a call for sturdy individuals interested in a job on one of these uncharted worlds to meet at a non-descript docking bay on Absalom Station.  The job offer is vague, but hints at a significant find that may even provide pre-Gap knowledge.  The offer has started quite the commotion amongst the scientific community and many are interested in hearing what the xenoarcheologist has found.  For your own reasons, you have decided to take up the offer and headed to the non-descript docking bay at the appointed time.  There you were met by a representative of the expedition and guided to quarters aboard The Herald, a bulk merchant ship, who is also hauling supplies for the expedition.  The representative won't say much about what was found other than "It is the most amazing thing I have seen in my life".

OC Game Details:
- Game will begin with the characters first meeting aboard The Hearld on the long trip to the vast.
- Full details will be provided on the mission upon arriving at the destination.
- Characters will be created during Game 0 or between then and Game 1.
- Once Game 1 is reached, characters are locked in and no additional "last minute buys" are allowed.
- Characters will be created using all core source material:  Starfinder Core, Armory, Character Operations Manual, Starship Operations Manual.
- Third party sources may be permitted following review and approval.
- No starship will be provided for initial part of the game:  buy good boots.
- Expedition will be providing limited logistical support, exotic needs should be taken into account prior to departure.

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