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A-4E Update for DCS - Public Discussion - 173rd Airborne Brigade

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A-4E Update for DCS

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RET J.Grey

RET J.Grey


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The community (freebee) A-4E  Skyhawk received an update two days ago. Get it HERE Also anyone that want to do some flying in DCS hit me up. I have the F-18, F-14, Super Carrier, and the Persian gulf map and make missions all the time.

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CW3 Jeff Grey
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CPT D.Figari

CPT D.Figari


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In our discord we have a group channel specifically for finding people to fly with in DCS if you would like to join that


Captain Dallon Figari
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I've been hosting a server for the last few months that doesnt get too much traffic since it seems most of the DCS interest here has waned, but a few of us still fly, and the more we got im sure we'd be flying more often

SPC A.McMahon

SPC A.McMahon

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After this weekend, I'll definitely getting back to flying regularly


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and if you like making missions thats great! i have a training mission i run on the server but its pretty basic and gets boring unless youre there to learn something new. So it could help us a lot having someone who is a little more knowledgeable with the editor to make some missions and we can easily throw them up on the server. 

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