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Community Guidelines

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For the smooth functioning of any community, basic guidelines are needed. These are applicable on any service the 173rd uses, including--but not limited to--game servers (ARMA) and all communication services (Teamspeak, Discord) between community members.


A member of the community is hereby defined as:

  • any guests to any of our services
  • Friends of the 173rd
  • Retired members of the 173rd
  • enlisted, commissioned, warranted, or contracted official unit members


A member of the community is expected:

  • not to disrespect others
  • to be able to report any malicious behavior
  • to avoid offensive, intolerant, and discriminatory behavior
  • to appropriately avoid, tag, hide, or categorize content that may be inappropriate, gross, spoilers, indecent, lewd, insensitive, or otherwise unsatisfactory for certain audiences
  • to use voice activation detection appropriately on the communications services it is allowed
  • to be considerate of others and discuss controversial topics in areas you are certain people would not be bothered, such as specifically denoted Discord channels; controversial topics include (but not limited to) politics, economics, religion, the use of mind-altering substances, and other socially controversial topics
  • not to troll or instigate others
  • not to inquire for, or divulge, personal or inappropriate details from other community members
  • not to do harm to the community
  • not to do harm to others
  • not to form toxic, exclusionary, elitist, or damaging cliques
  • not to assist any other members in other breaches in the guideline
  • not to be exempt from the rules except as necessitated by official capacity, regardless of any status or position in any hierarchy.
  • not to poach or skim members from the community*

*Poaching and skimming is defined as follows:




And conversely, a community member of the 173rd can expect:

  • to be treated with the same standard of respect
  • to be accepted as one of the community
  • a low-stress, gaming community optionally free of controversy
  • an environment that encourages free discussion and sharing
  • other members of the community, including the top of the command hierarchy, to follow the above guidelines
  • any violations of guidelines to be handled when reported


Failure to adhere to these guidelines can result in any of the following:

  • A discussion on how the community is affected by inability to adhere to the above guidelines.
  • Other actions dependent on additional roles in the community (removal of Friend of the 173rd, etc.) or privileges that have been problematic (use of voice activation, access to certain servers, etc.)
  • Temporary or permanent removal from any (or all) applicable communication and game services.
  • After repeat offenses or a complete disregard for the community and what it stands for, removal from the community as a whole

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