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R.Sharp - Friend of the 173rd Application

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  1. TeamSpeak Username: R.Sharp

  2. In-Game Name: BloodHound 2-0

  3. I have played on the 173rd public server for: more than 6 months

  4. I am a former member of the 173rd Airborne Brigade Milsim Unit: No

  5. I have played with the following current members of the 173rd on the public server:
    cannot recall any names/ ranks at the moment.

  6. I want to become a Friend of the 173rd instead of an Active Duty or Reserves member because:
    I am currently deployed overseas and look forward to playing more in the future. I don't want to become an active member due to my chaotic schedule now and when I get back.

    that being said I would like to talk to a liaison about the reserve program and other ways to be a part of the 173rd community without an active duty enlistment

  7. I am aware of previous infractions (kicks or bans) on/from the 173rd public server: No ()

  8. I am primarily interested in becoming a member of CSP: No

Enlisted Response Form
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I give my endorsement.
I DO NOT give my endorsement because [clearly described reason]...

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CPT M.Flas

CPT M.Flas


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I give my endorsement. I've seen you around the public server and you seem to be nice enough!


SGT D.Figari

SGT D.Figari


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I give my endorsement. Hung around him quite a bit one day, was very chill and relaxed.


Sergeant Dallon Figari
Legion 1-4 Senior Anti-Tank Specialist
Ranger Qualified
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CPL S.Bathgate

CPL S.Bathgate


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I give my endorsement. I mostly saw you last year when I was an MP. Good fella.

Corporal Sage Bathgate
Legion 1-1 Alpha Team Leader
Ranger Qualified

CPL A.Velasco

CPL A.Velasco


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I give my endorsement.

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Corporal Alberto Velasco
HHC Senior Military Police
MP Section Leader
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