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Public Server Changelog - Public Discussion - 173rd Airborne Brigade

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Public Server Changelog

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CPT M.Flas

CPT M.Flas


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Friends, soldiers, and valued guests:


We have updated the Public Server for many quality-of-life changes as listed below. Probably the most marked difference is the addition of the Mi-48 Kajman, in black paintjob, to BLUFOR to fill the gap for the previously-lacked heavy attack helicopter.


Changes are thus listed below.



  • Nearly halfed size of mission file
  • Added friendly, black-painted Mi-48 to the buyable sheet. It costs about 50% more than the AH-99 Blackfoot due to its ability to carry additional troops and it has more powerful munitions. It requires a base to be captured to purchase.
  • Decreased default enemy aggression levels to make the early game more managable and reducing threat more worthwhile (it lasts longer)
  • Added static anti-aircraft drone-turrets (Phalanx CIWS, Patriots, etc.)

Enemy Unit Adjustments

  • Removed Mi-48
  • Reduced frequency of ZSU-39 Tigris spawns
  • Reduced frequency of enemy tanks
  • Increased relative frequency of enemy APCs (compared to tanks)
  • Increased relative frequency of enemy mobility vehicles (Qilin)
  • Increased relative frequency of enemy trucks
  • Added Offroad (AT) to urban CSAT militia patrols
  • Added enemy truck option for offense, Zamak
  • Added Mi-290 "Cargo bay" transport aircraft option for enemies
  • Added 2S9 Sochor self-propelled artillery for enemy defensive areas on high alert
  • T-140K Command Angara -> standard T-140 Angara
  • Squad leader -> Viper Team Leader
  • Marksman -> Viper Marksman
  • Grenadier -> Viper Operative
  • Heavy AT -> Viper RPG Operative (Also decreases CSAT's long-range manportable AT capability)
  • AT squad: reduced from 5 AT launchers to 3
  • AA squad: reduced from 5 AA launchers to 1

Jeep changes

  • Unarmed version should always be olive
  • Added variant with an M249 SAW mounted for 10 munitions, 10 fuel
  • Added variant with SPG-9 mounted for 15 munitions, 10 fuel


  • Striders should now show as BLUFOR "sand" painted striders
  • Armed hellcats should be flat green by default (instead of digital AAF)
  • A-149 Gryphons should now be silver by default (instead of digital AAF)
  • A-143 Buzzard should now be silver-hex by default (instead of digital AAF)
  • Enemy Qilin should now be arid-hex by default (instead of straight black)

Cost changes

  • Significantly reduced the cost of arsenal boxes (now 100 of each)
  • Reduced cost of additional FOB boxes (now roughly 250 of each)
  • Reduced cost of medical HEMTT (ground mobile respawn) by about half
  • Reduced cost of hangars and helipads by about 30%
  • Reduced cost of ATC by about 30%
  • Fixed price of repair HEMTT (180 supply cost rather than 1080)
  • A-149 Gryphon no longer needs a base to be captured to purchase
  • Added CTRG camo options for the Prowler and Ghosthawk (same cost)
  • Recon Nyx no longer costs munitions (since it's unarmed)

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CPT M.Flas

CPT M.Flas


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Past few weeks we decided to make a radical change to the public server. Overall, people were not getting the infantry experience they wanted out of the server. As such, we've swapped the enemies over to a mix of Syndikat and FIA forces in addition to military advisors, stolen vehicles, deserters, and more.


This change should overall decrease the agitation from heavily-armored enemy infantry, decrease agitation from ACOG-equipped 6.5mm rifles being extremely effective at distance, and decrease agitation from the enemy constantly having heavily-armored vehicles.


The complete changelog is below.




OPFOR Changes:

  • Replaced CSAT vehicles at low threat levels primarily with civilian style vehicles (technicals, vans, and trucks
  • Replaced CSAT vehicles at high threat levels with captured style vehicles (T-140 tropical, Gorgon insurgent, CSAT tropical Marid, NATO tropical cheetah AA, and LDF Mora)
  • Replaced CSAT soldiers with a mix of Syndikat, FIA, and Spetsnaz advisors
  • OPFOR will no longer use tracked vehicles in reinforcements/offensives
  • OPFOR will only use armored vehicles at high alertness levels (though will be mixed with technicals still)
  • Replaced default riflemen in "AA" squads with a Spetsnaz advisor and more grenade-launchers since FIA does not have an AA soldier
  • All paratroopers will be Spetsnaz operators
  • Vehicle crews will still be crewed by their parent faction: presume they are advisors, deserters, cosplayers, or traitors

Removed vehicles from BLUFOR:

  • Jeep LMG (to reduce confusion with enemy vehicles. Kept transport and SPG variants as it's the only BLUFOR-like SPG vehicle and enemies don't use the 4-man mobility vehicle variant. Still, use at your own risk.)
  • AFV Gorgon (to reduce confusion with enemy vehicles)
  • Light trucks and vans (to reduce confusion with enemy vehicles)

Added vehicles to BLUFOR:

  • Civilian comm pickup truck (flat green paintjob)
  • Civilian ambulance (IDAP paintjob)
  • ED-1D Demining UGV, costs 5 ammo and 5 fuel
  • Ex-CSAT Shikra, blue, both stealth and non-stealth variants. Costs slightly more fuel than the Black Wasp but less munitions. Requires a base to be captured to unlock each variant.
  • Ex-CSAT Y-32 Xi'an, both infantry and vehicle variants. Costs slightly more than the Mi-48+V-44, and a handful more munitions.
  • Ex-CSAT Black Qilin, both minigun and unarmed variants. Costs slightly more than the Prowler.
  • LDF Zamak Troop Transport versions priced at 20 fuel. Capable of running logistics.
  • LDF Supply Trucks, priced at 20 fuel + 40 supply, +125 of material dependent on truck type

Cost Changes:

  • Salvage Depot: Down from 835 to 200 supply
  • ATC: Down from 1200 supply to 400 supply
  • Helipad: Down from 600 supply to 300 supply, 100 fuel
  • Plane Hangar: Down from 1200 supply to 500 supply, 200 ammo, 200 fuel
  • AV-44X: cost nearly halfed
  • A-10X: ammunition cost reduced by about 20%
  • Prowler: reduced fuel cost by about 1/3rd
  • HEMTT Transports: slightly increased fuel cost
  • HEMTT Supply Trucks: rebalanced costs, now costs 150 for the type of truck it is, plus 50 command plus 25 fuel
  • Bobcat engineer vehicle: changed from (1665,835,1165) s/a/f to (1200,600,900), essentially four times the cost of each HEMTT supply trucks combined

Updated Civilian Vehicles:

  • Added van
  • Added jeep
  • Added tractor
  • Added IDAP water truck
  • Removed quadbike


  • Removed CSAT equipment from the blacklisted arsenal list
  • Added new version of earplugs
  • Removed one of the superfluous ghosthawk (Sand)s from the list
  • Added logistic ability to the LDF Kamaz

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