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Bjornstedt - Friend of the 173rd Application

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    Specialist Second Class

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  1. TeamSpeak Username: Bjornstedt

  2. In-Game Name: Bjornstedt

  3. I have played on the 173rd public server for: more than 6 months

  4. I am a former member of the 173rd Airborne Brigade Milsim Unit: Yes

  5. I have played with the following current members of the 173rd on the public server:
    Been playing with most member and former member that used to play on the pub server but can give some sort of list.
    CPT M.Flas
    2LT J.Gardner
    CPL Velasco
    CPL Vermillion
    SPC Porter

  6. I want to become a Friend of the 173rd instead of an Active Duty or Reserves member because:
    The people that read my reason to this discharge already now the reason but at the moment i have to much stuff going on and need to sort those things out Before i can commit myself in the unit. And to the bottom question except for being a weebshit stain and a shitbag i dont Think i have commit and infractions

  7. I am aware of previous infractions (kicks or bans) on/from the 173rd public server: No ()

  8. I am primarily interested in becoming a member of CSP: No

Enlisted Response Form
One of the following:
I give my endorsement.
I DO NOT give my endorsement because [clearly described reason]...

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Specialist Second Class Leon Bjornstedt
Legion 1 Platoon Combat Engineer

MEPS Interview Staff | S9 OutreachMP - Military Police
Ranger Qualified

CPL S.Bathgate

CPL S.Bathgate


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I give my endorsement.
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Corporal Sage Bathgate
Legion 1-1 Alpha Team Leader
Ranger Qualified

SGT D.Lonsway

SGT D.Lonsway


  • Sergeant
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I give my endorsement.

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Sergeant David Lonsway
Legion 1-4 Squad Leader
Ranger Qualified

S3 | S7 | MEPS

MSG J.Corbett

MSG J.Corbett

    Master Sergeant

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I give my endorsement.

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Master Sergeant John Corbett
HHC Company Sergeant
S3 Operations

SSG D.Hillyer

SSG D.Hillyer

    Staff Sergeant

  • Staff Sergeant
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I give my endorsement. 

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Staff Sergeant Duncan Hillyer
    S9 Outreach Leader    
 Ranger Qualified
"Git er' done."


SPC A.Palacio

SPC A.Palacio


  • Specialist
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  • LocationToronto, ON


I give my endorsement  

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Specialist Andres Palacio

 173rd Airborne Reserves 

 Airborne Qualified | ALC Qualified


CPT M.Flas

CPT M.Flas


  • Captain
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  • LocationMissouri


I give my endorsement. Lemme know when you're next on TS so I can give you the tag.


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1LT J.Gardner

1LT J.Gardner

    First Lieutenant

  • First Lieutenant
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  • LocationWashington State


Late but I wanted to add my name to the pot. 

I give my endorsement. 

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First Lieutenant Jay Gardner

Legion 1 Platoon Leader

S9 Inter-Unit Liason

"Through the sorrow of the living, chants the joy of the dead."

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