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As Sun Tzu Said - Unit Videos and Photography - 173rd Airborne Brigade

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As Sun Tzu Said

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CPL M.Callum

CPL M.Callum


  • Corporal
  • 94 posts

"Know the other, know the self, hundred battles without danger."



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Corporal Mike Callum
Legion 1-2 Alpha Team Leader
Ranger Qualified

CPT M.Flas

CPT M.Flas


  • Captain
  • 2,087 posts
  • LocationMissouri


I get anxiety just from looking at that. I really hope they died but are glitched out. :ph34r:


SSG J.Frey

SSG J.Frey

    Staff Sergeant

  • Staff Sergeant
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  • LocationVirginia


isn't pictures with dead people against the Geneva convention?  :huh:

Staff Sergeant Jeff Frey
Reserves Platoon Sergeant
Ranger Qualified
Non Ense Solum

SPC A.Palacio

SPC A.Palacio

    Specialist Second Class

  • Specialist
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  • LocationToronto, ON


I guess @CPL M.Callum is a traitor. We've been breached from the inside. We all gonna die. 




Specialist Second Class Andres Palacio

173rd Airborne Reserves 

 MEPS Mentor

" M.N.G.A"


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