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[Denied] A.Kisarazu - Friend of the 173rd Application

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  1. TeamSpeak Username: A.Kisarazu

  2. In-Game Name: A.Kisarazu

  3. I have played on the 173rd public server for: 3 to 6 months

  4. I am a former member of the 173rd Airborne Brigade Milsim Unit: Yes

  5. I have played with the following current members of the 173rd on the public server:
    I haven't been on the public server for a while this year due to my work, however before I played with some MP members like BJ, etc.

  6. I want to become a Friend of the 173rd instead of an Active Duty or Reserves member because:
    Even I am almost done with my instructor training, but from now on, I don't see myself having a steady schedule because of the nature of my job.

  7. I am aware of previous infractions (kicks or bans) on/from the 173rd public server: No ()

  8. I am primarily interested in becoming a member of CSP: No

Enlisted Response Form
One of the following:
I give my endorsement.
I DO NOT give my endorsement because [clearly described reason]...

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2LT B.Osborn

2LT B.Osborn

    Second Lieutenant

  • Second Lieutenant
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I DO NOT Give my endorsement because of the severe attitude and discipline issues this person has displayed during their time with the 12th CAB and Legion Company.  The person in question was pulled from 12th CAB for repeated infractions in game, including intentional friendly fire.  I cannot for the life of me condone someone as arrogant and problematic as this person gaining a FO173 tag.

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Second Lieutenant Benjamin Osborn
12th CAB Detachment Commander
Ranger Qualified

CPL S.Bathgate

CPL S.Bathgate


  • Corporal
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I do not give my endorsement as I am in agreement with 2LT Osborn.

Corporal Sage Bathgate
Legion 1-1 Alpha Team Leader
Ranger Qualified

1LT C.Bedlam

1LT C.Bedlam

    First Lieutenant

  • First Lieutenant
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I give my endorsement.

First Lieutenant Cain Bedlam
HHC S1 Personnel
S1 Section Leader 



    Specialist Second Class

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I can only voch for What i have personally seen,On the pub server Kiz have been a Good asset and reperensted the 173rd in a positive light. So as 1LT C.Bedlam i do also give him My Endorsement.

Specialist Second Class Leon Bjornstedt
Legion 1 Platoon Combat Engineer

MEPS Interview Staff | S9 OutreachMP - Military Police
Ranger Qualified

SGT D.Figari

SGT D.Figari


  • Sergeant
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I give my endorsement


Sergeant Dallon Figari
Legion 1-4 Senior Anti-Tank Specialist

Ranger Qualified

"Never do something while you're pissed off, else you'll regret it later" -SSG R.Agliam


SGT T.Beal

SGT T.Beal


  • Sergeant
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I give my endorsement and while I understand the faults that occurred with his time in 12th CAB, I also agree with Bjornstedt with his help on the Public Server. I do not agree with denying someone the freedom to join the game and other "chill" channels on the teamspeak for the basic reason of staying connecting with members in the unit.

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Sergeant Timmy Beal
Legion 1-1 Squad Leader

S3 Section Leader | Ranger Qualified


SGT D.Lonsway

SGT D.Lonsway


  • Sergeant
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I do NOT give my endorsement. Along with of course his actions in 12th CAB, when he was taken out of 12th CAB, he was placed in my fireteam when I was 1-4 alpha, and he was there for 2 1/2 - 3 weeks and he never spoke a word to any single person in the squad until he discharged, showed no respect for anyone in 1-4. 

Sergeant David Lonsway
Legion 1-4 Squad Leader
Ranger Qualified

S3 | S7 | MEPS

CW3 A.Daniel

CW3 A.Daniel

    Chief Warrant Officer 3

  • Chief Warrant Officer 3
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I do NOT give my endorsement for much of the same reasons stated above by both LT Osborn & SGT Lonsway

Chief Warrant Officer 3 Austin Daniel
12th CAB Detachment Executive Officer
Air Assault | Airborne | AIT | ALC | BLC | BTS | Ranger | S7

"You could crash this thing at twenty G's and survive, but I am NOT going to prove it to you!" -Tommy Lee Jones, Fire Birds

SFC B.Gromis

SFC B.Gromis

    Sergeant First Class

  • Sergeant First Class
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I DO NOT give my endorsement because of the attitude that was present during both of his tours in Legion 1.


Sergeant First Class Brandon Gromis
Legion 1 Platoon Sergeant
S7 Section Leader


CPT M.Flas

CPT M.Flas


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This application has been quite controversial, so I have asked MEPS to refrain from replying as I set precedent here.


The purpose of Friends of the 173rd is to allow people, friends-of-unit-members and ex-unit-members, to be a part of our community despite the fact they cannot play ARMA with us during official events. They have access to the community areas of the Teamspeak, the Discord, and the community parts of our servers (modded liberation and public servers) and continue to grow as parts of our community therein. They are still expected to follow all of the unit's rules as appropriate (or at the very least, the Golden Rule).


The Friend of the 173rd tag is not a judge of how well someone performed while in the unit, and is not a judge of how well someone would perform in the unit. It is a gauge of trust for members to be a part of our out-of-game community.


That said, most of the direct arguments against him joining, listed here, are invalid. His unit performance is not directly related to him being a part of our community. The infractions themselves do not necessarily preclude friendship. However, the attitudes he exhibited during his time in the unit could be detrimental attributes to being a member of the community. Arrogance, defiance of rules, disregard for his comrades' feelings, safety, and opinions, and more are all traits he exhibited during his time here with the infractions listed on the Discipline Center. These are not traits becoming of a "friend" by any definition and are indicative that he would break the aforementioned Golden Rule.


As such, this application is denied. You may reapply whenever you feel the conditions have changed and it will be re-evaluated.

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