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[Accepted] Stone, Bridger - Unban Request - Unban Requests - 173rd Airborne Brigade

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[Accepted] Stone, Bridger - Unban Request

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UID: Not Known

Arma 3 / TeamSpeak Name: MexicanTakeout

Steam Reference: https://steamcommuni.../id/BRIDGER4663

Banned Environments: Arma 3 Server

Approximate Ban Date/Time: Estimate - around one year ago.

Suspected Ban Reason: Racial aggravation / assumed racism.

Un-Ban Rationale: Around one year ago, quite late at night, I was on the 173rd's public server and accidentally let some fairly racist sayings and insults slip. While it is and should be simply not tolerated, I would like to make a return to the game. I feel the time has sufficed so as to allow me to join the servers once more. Thank you.

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CPT M.Flas

CPT M.Flas


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You seem sincere, unban should be applied now. Let me know if you have issues.


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