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Inter-Unit Introductions - Inter-Unit Relations - 173rd Airborne Brigade

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Welcome to the website of the 173rd Airborne Brigade MilSim Unit!

Have you considered enlisting with the 173rd?

Learn more about the our MilSim unit HERE!


Inter-Unit Introductions

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CPT M.Flas

CPT M.Flas


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The 173rd IBCT(A) is excited to meet and greet all of the great members of the larger ARMA 3 community.


Please, if you're another MilSim unit, introduce yourself!


We're particularly interested in:

  • Who you represent, who you are
  • What your unit's focus is (What do you enjoy? What sets you apart?)
  • How many of you are there?
  • What you want to share with us (Just a friendly greeting? Some screenshots? A video? Joint operations? Other events?)
  • What we can share with you (conversation, joint trainings, joint operations)
  • How to contact you (E-Mail, website, Steam, Teamspeak)?

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SOCM Nichols

SOCM Nichols
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I am SOCM Nichols of Hangman Platoon and I represent a small nearly fully fleshed out SEAL Platoon that is a part of a larger community (Task Force 720) which represents US Army and USAF regular and special operations aspects. Our primary focus as a unit is anything that is needed from covert infiltration to riding in on war beasts and being a part of a larger force as necessary. Our primary mission is direct action on targets for HVT and surgical strike missions that effect the overall capability of the enemy we are fighting against. Our numbers are approximately 14 with 3 guys in reserve status due to real life work and family commitments at this time. We are interested in a possible joint operation with just our small team or perhaps a larger community joint operation between you guys and Task Force 720. Our main points of contact will be myself or Lt. Bonds and we can be reached via our Hangman Platoon Discord or by the Task Force 720 TeamSpeak .

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