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[Denied] Price - Unban Request

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UID: Victor

Arma 3 / TeamSpeak Name: bkpri

Steam Reference: SpaceSkeptic

Banned Environments: Arma 3 Server

Approximate Ban Date/Time: 12:00 PM CST, 5/27/2018

Suspected Ban Reason: Intentional Asset destruction

Un-Ban Rationale: The reason why I should be unbanned is that I did not intentionally destroy any assets. The first time that I died was due to an enemy Tigris firing at me, and I was unable to dodge quickly enough. The next situation was the game. When I was landing, I seemingly landed too close to the crate holder. When I unloaded the crate, I thought I had enough distance, but the Helicopter blew up instantly. The next situation was with the Vehicle Blackfish. In my attempt to land, I inadvertently stalled my engine crashlanding. I initially survived, but then hit a tree. Overall, I do not believe that this was intentional asset destruction, but rather some lack of skill and some bad luck.

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SPC A.Velasco

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I have spoken to those involved and they have notified me that you destroyed at least 5 vehicles before you disconnected from the server. Since this is only a 7 day ban, i'm going to let your ban stand until it expires on 03JUN2018 at 13:00 CST. Take this time to consider how you "accidentally" crashed those Helo's and how you can prevent those occurrences as to not waste server resources.


@bkpri Please respond to this post if you cannot login after the time expires. 


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