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[Denied] Swann, Andrea - Unban Request

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Arma 3 / TeamSpeak Name: Andrea

Steam Reference: NoobCakes!!

Banned Environments: Arma 3 Server

Approximate Ban Date/Time: 4:30 Ish Februrary, 2017

Suspected Ban Reason: Corelation with another liberation server.

Un-Ban Rationale: Back in 2017, I used to play on another liberation server. 50th IBCT; At one point one of our members was accused of stealing a mission file. Everyone that was on the server at the time was accused of stealing it. 6 or 7 people from 50th were banned. Since then, 50th IBCT has been long since shut down and any foul play from our server has probably gone.

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SGT S.Counterman

SGT S.Counterman


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I was witness to this scenario, this did not take place on Feburary 2017. This situation took place around June or July of 2017 if memory serves. I do not give my endorsement for this unban.

Sergeant Sean Counterman
Legion 2-3 Squad Leader
S3 Operations | Ranger Qualified

1SG C.Bedlam

1SG C.Bedlam

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Due to the whole situation that occurred in the past I am still not willing to unban you.  You were accused and proven guilty of taking the mission file and then coming to us for help in editing the file. Is it easy to take mission files? Yes. However, from the 4 we banned I still don't find it comfortable for you to walk around the server currently.

First Sergeant Cain Bedlam
Legion Company First Sergeant

S1 Section Leader

CPT B.MacDonald

CPT B.MacDonald


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Anyone who takes our assets (regardless of the ease with which the asset(s) might be acquired) and causes trouble like this is not welcome here in my humble opinion.

Captain Brock MacDonald
Company Adjutant
Headquarters & Headquarters Company
Ranger Qualified

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