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173rd Required Mod List

Last Updated 09APR2019 1943 CST

To be able to closely simulate the 173rd Airborne Brigade we utilize the mods listed below which improve a lot of aspects of the game. Damage handling and a more realistic medical and interaction system help to improve immersion, while radios, gear and vehicles improve authenticity. More locations to play in allows the unit to operate in varied environments against a number of different enemy factions.

If you find yourself in need of mod support check out this page for a list of soldiers who are both good with mods and who have openly volunteered to assist soldiers having mod-related issues.

Mod SiteArmaholicSteam WorkshopGoogle DriveMega Drive
173rd Compiled ModPack
3CB Factions
Install the ace_compat_rhs_ PBO
CUP Terrains Core
CUP Terrains Maps
CUP Terrains Maps (CWA)
Not-So-Man-E Faces
Project OPFOR
Task Force Radio  

Download Key

= Primary Download      = Alternate Site      = No File     

Banned Mods

These mods are banned from all 173rd Unit servers including but not limited to all temporary or permanent Training, Operation, or Public servers.
ShackTac HUD (seperate from the one inside the modpack)
Virtual Arsenal Anywhere
voyagerCompass HUD

This list is not exhaustive.
Additional mods may be added to the Banned list by Command in its sole discretion. These additions may be made without notice.
If you get the feeling that a certain client-side mod you are using gives you an unfair advantage discontinue your use of the mod immediately.