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Domestic Support

List of all donations made by the 173rd Airborne Brigade to charities supporting various causes, efforts, and interests within the United States.

$25.00 2018 Year-to-Date

$54.56 for the year ended December 31, 2017

Foreign Lending

The 173rd has partnered with Kiva, a San Francisco-based, international nonprofit organization founded in 2005. Kiva's mission is to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty.
Since inception, the 173rd has supported individuals and groups in Lebanon and Paraguay.
Click here to see the 173rd's lending portfolio at Kiva. The 173rd currently has $6.32 of credit available to lend at Kiva.

$31.18 Current Principal Outstanding
$50.00 Principal Advanced to Date (37.6% repaid)
  • $18.68 - Retail (Start-Up) - Lebanon
    Objective: Assist youth in regions where opportunity is scarce.
    This outreach activity compliments the U.S. government's funding to Lebanon which is primarily used to support the activities of Lebanese non-governmental organizations engaged in rural and municipal development programs nationwide.
    Original Loan: $25.00 (25.3% repaid)

  • $12.50 - Services (Established) - Paraguay
    Objective: Partner with industry-leading, poverty-elimination programs.
    This outreach activity compliments the U.S. government's funding to Paraguay which emphasizes support for vulnerable groups such as women, girls, indigenous peoples, and youth.
    Original Loan: $25.00 (50.0% repaid)

Data last updated February 11, 2018