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We are very glad you are interested in joining the 173rd Airborne Brigade Milsim unit and want to provide you with all the information you might need to decide if this is the right unit for you. There are certain requirements to join the unit and we feel that its also important that every new applicant knows what we are all about before putting in that enlistment application. If you need more information feel free to join our TeamSpeak at any time and join the Request a Recruiter channel. MEPS personnel will join you as soon as they see you there and answer any of your questions or concerns.




1. Applicant must be at least 16 years old
2. Applicant must be able to communicate fluently in English both verbally and in writing
3. Applicant must own ARMA 3 and be able to play the game with additional mods
4. Applicant must not be a member of any other Milsim unit or community that would prevent him from attending official unit events
5. Applicant must enter a role-play friendly name. Your name on the application is not required to be your real life name so long as it is realistic

We are based in North America in the CST time zone. Our Operations are every Saturday at 7 PM CST while our Basic Combat Trainings which you would be required to pass are on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 7 PM CST. There are more trainings which are spread through the week and can be mandatory depending if you join active duty or reserves (this will be explained below).




The 173rd Airborne Brigade is a light airborne infantry unit which focuses heavily on the infantry experience assisted by an aviation detachment. As a Milsim unit we strive to simulate realistic army operations and trainings that are shaped around the game rather than the other way around. What this means is that we take real US Army trainings and tailor them to fit into what the game can do. The result of this are very detailed trainings which do not waste time on trying to be completely authentic to their real life counterparts but give you a unique and realistic feeling. Our goal is to simulate the real army feeling in game which requires some dedication. Outside of the game we are more relaxed and are a very friendly community that enjoys playing a wide range of other games.




Since the unit was created it strived to give players a unique and authentic simulation of army training and combat. Our goal is to deliver the best experience for players who want to play ArmA in a very organized fashion. We want every soldier to feel imersed in their position when they are in combat or in trainings. Outside the game we offer various staff positions where members can contribute to the growth and maintenance of the unit. Every person that joins the unit comes here for the good experience but ultimately stays because of the friends they make and the impact they have on the unit. If you want to experience Arma in such a manner and at the same time make friends this is the place for you.




The unit focuses on light infantry airborne operations which means that everyone has to start out in the infantryman position. For the first couple months you will have the opportunity to attend various trainings to improve your skills, become a junior leader and then look for other opportunities. There are various MOS's you can train and perfect which gives you the opportunity to chose what you like the most. Currently we only have aviation as another career but they only recruit junior leaders and above.




To accomplish our vision and goals the unit requires significant time from its members if they want to progress and help run the whole community. Due to this a lot of people are unable to join or remain a member for too long which is why we offer an alternative. You can join the unit as an active duty soldier who agrees to the higher attendance requirements or you can join as a reserves soldier that has significantly less attendence requirements but can only progress so far. Below we outline both of the options for you.


Active Duty

BCT Requirements: Completey Day 1 of BCT within 2 weeks of enlisting, and finish BCT within 1 month of enlisting

Training Requirements: Attend 60% of squad trainings and platoon trainings

Operation Requirements: Attend 60% of operations

Progression Limitations: Regular progression



BCT Requirements: Finish BCT within 1 month of enlisting

Attendence Requirements: Attend 1 event every 2 weeks (either Operation or Reserves Training)

Progression Limitations: Highest rank - Specialist, doubled Time in Grade requirement for promotion




If you meet the requirements its actually very simple to submit your enlistment papers. First you will have to register a new account on our website. Click here to register an account. Once you register your account you will have access to our forums where we want you to post your enlistment application. After you post your enlistment application our MEPS personnel will have to process it so keep an eye on it. Click here to enlist.




If you have any further questions we are here to answer them for you. Click here to join our TeamSpeak and join the Request a Recruiter channel. Someone will come up and answer any questions or concerns you might have!


Thank you for visiting our website and considering joining our unit!


Legion Company Command

1-503rd Infantry Battalion

173rd Airborne Brigade