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#37075 Leave of Absence - 173rd comedy video

Posted by A.Saladucha on 24 April 2017 - 02:22 PM

Finally got this ready to post, hope you all enjoy and get as much of a kick out of it that I did. :D


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#60252 173rd Official 6-Year Reunion

Posted by CPT M.Flas on 14 September 2018 - 03:12 PM

All our retired and previous unit members:


After discussing with some retired and previous members of the unit, we have come to the conclusion it might be fun to have a gathering to catch up on eachothers lives, see how the unit's still around, etc. There's a lot of people's lives that we're missing out on, and we'd like to reconnect and share our nostalgia.


The decided-upon date for the reunion will be 1800 CST, Sunday, 18th of November, 2018. This will be the day of the unit's official 6-year anniversary of the creation of the unit. We shall gather on the Teamspeak, address is as follows:  ts3.173rd.us . I encourage everyone to connect with your previous unit name for quick recognition reasons, but you can of course connect with any reasonable username.


Of course, current unit members are also invited to reconnect with past and current members.


All "dishonorable discharge" bans on the Teamspeak prior to mid-2017 are removed from the Teamspeak ban database, and dishonorable discharges will not be enforced during the reunion, but bans will be re-instated if behavior is deemed inappropriate (intentional trolling, offensive behavior, etc.) I have a long history with ruffling feathers due to my roles in the unit, but I abhor the idea of using my position to prevent appearances. Even people with the rockiest histories with me, like Williams and Bircher, have expressed interest to appear and I encourage them to do so. If bans are still problematic, let me know by replying or messaging me directly.


I hope to see as many people here as possible and reconnect with a lot of you. I encourage everyone to share this post.

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#49842 To Be Continued...

Posted by 1LT C.Bedlam on 28 January 2018 - 12:00 PM

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#58172 Hope you’re all doing well.

Posted by SPC B.Walsh on 29 July 2018 - 01:39 PM

Hey everyone, if you remember me, I’ll most likely remember you. I’m glad to see the unit is still up and running. I got my phone for 10 minutes and wanted to see how you all were doing. BCT is going well and I’m on track to graduate BCT on the 16th. Stay well everyone.
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#37312 Legion 2

Posted by 1LT C.Bedlam on 29 April 2017 - 12:06 AM


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#36583 Desperation in the voice

Posted by S.Trevino on 15 April 2017 - 03:13 PM

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#36814 Air Assault 19APR2017

Posted by 1LT C.Bedlam on 19 April 2017 - 07:00 PM

First 173rd hosted Air Assault class. It went rather well and I am happy to see the amount of numbers we got.


Album: http://imgur.com/a/cLBzr  (In no specific order)

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#32396 S9 Video teaser trailer

Posted by A.Saladucha on 30 January 2017 - 08:20 PM

This is just a teaser for a side project that I am working on for S9, I thought it was really funny and I hope you guys enjoy it as well. This is by no means the finished product, I just threw this together in 10 mins to share some fun that I had today getting footage for this upcoming video. 


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#59691 My Hero!

Posted by 1LT C.Bedlam on 01 September 2018 - 09:05 PM

Thanks for @CPL S.Mira for taking and editing the photo.  


@MSG J.Corbett 



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#21650 Operation Taillight: First Blood

Posted by D.Abbot on 10 July 2016 - 12:07 PM

Author's Note: This is a dramatization of the 173rd’s Operation on Malden. Minor Details are subject to change to increase dramatization and fill in unspecified details about the operation, and/or because I forgot something. If there is any part you feel is derogatory towards the unit, or one person, or I missed something. feel free to let me or an officer know and it will be removed, edited, or deleted.

Operation Taillight: First Blood

The warm yellow sun kissed my forehead, as I stood outside the Hangar at the FOB NW of Malden. There was a slight nip in the air contrary to the early and rising morning sun. It must have been around 0500, When Legion 1 boarded a chinook bound for LZ Dragon. The smell of fuel and cold steel off of the chinook filled my nose as we boarded the bird. 2LT Schnoebelen was on the net, more than likely talking with Company HQ or Legion-2. I couldn't hear what he was talking about, but I heard his young commanding voice.

“Too young a hero.” a quote passed my mind. Hell, we were all too young a hero. The Chinook dusted off not long after, we flew south, avoiding the AA Batteries on the mainland, and swung wide south and then north to land at LZ Dragon.

“Hey Abbott, got any cigs?” PV2 N.Steel stated into my ear. He pronounced it “eva-bot”, I still get a chuckle when he calls me it, everyone knows it’s pronounced like “Rabbit” without the “R”. I chuckled and said it wouldn’t do him any good. Can’t smoke on a bird, and especially since we could all smell the fuel. That’s a bad scenario right there. A whole platoon goes down in a fireball, not killed by AA, or enemy fast mover, but because some private needed a nic-fix.
I saw the blue water turn to yellow-green grassland from the bottom Chinook hatch. The bird flared and slowed down, and before I knew it we were on the ground.

“Dismount!” I heard the Pilot, WOC C.Seager scream back to the passengers. It was soon followed by LT’s call for dismount. I dismounted, and ran straight past out of reach of the rotor blades and then threw my body into the dirt. The dust kicked up by the rotor blades stung into my eyes,

“Shit” I thought to myself, I forgot to put on my goggles. I quickly wiped the dirt from my teary eyes and put on my goggles. The Chinook dusted off and was flying back to base, when I turned around to look at the rest of the Platoon. 2LT Schnoebelen was in the center of a half circle facing south, the Platoon was on their bellies and the LT was kneeling on company net, most likely telling HQ and Legion-2 that we were on the Mainland. It hit me then we were now close to the enemy, and could take contact from any direction and at anytime. I looked back to my sector. Nothing. There was a slight wetness to the grass as I lay in it, the early morning dew had slightly dampened my OCP Combat Uniform. My Kitbag felt heavier when I was on the ground, loaded with plenty of belts for CPL Bourn, if he needed ammo.

“Alright Legion-1, on me.” 2LT Schnoebelen, led the platoon towards our objective near Hill 403, Foxtrot, was the name of the Objective, an enemy outpost. We were moving in Platoon wedge mixed with a staggered column, our formation was fucked. I was behind CPL Bourn while we moved to a little knoll near St Marie, we reached a little collection of trees before the knoll. The sun peaked through and warmed our chilled bodies from the morning dew. My M4 was cold but I felt the morning sun start to warm it.

“FIND SOME COVER!” I heard a voice scream. Apparently someone had spotted an enemy MI-8. I lay flat against the ground, hiding behind a tree. The cold wet grass gave me some concealment, as well as a chill. I couldn’t hear any enemy rotors. But everyone was on the ground. CPL. Grobler our Senior AT Specialist. Readied his MAAWS. Grobler had previously shot down enemy helos in previous deployments, this was just another day in the shit. This was my first Deployment, and was anxious and a nervous wreck. I lay as flat as I could. I knew that Hinds can take out entire Infantry Companies if they wanted too.

“Stay Down! Find some thick bushes or good concealment.!” 2LT Schnoebelen screamed at us. We layed in the cold ground for a long time, Then the LT ordered us to all cross the field and enter the woods SE of the Knoll, East of St Marie. We set up security in the woods, waiting for something, I didn’t know, and sort of didn't care, all I needed to to do was watch my sector and keep the Platoon secure. I was a bit farther out from the platoon, on the edge of the woods, PV2 N. Steel came to me to catch up.

“What’s up Abbott?” He said still pronouncing as “Eva-bot”. I told him I was alright aside from damp fatigues. I was a little cold, and the Kitbag Shoulder Strap dug into my shoulder. He nodded and crouch jogged back to his sector. Later, CPL Bourn came to grab me and Steel.

“1-4 is moving out, let’s go.” CPL Bourn said as we followed him back to SGT. Govaerts. We were in Squad Wedge taking point circling the know, when we overlooked the Area. to the West. 2LT Schnoebelen was with us, Fireteam Alpha, Bourn, Steel, and me pushed up to Sgt, and Bravo AT team. 2LT was there and they were looking at a T-72, trying to find out if it was up or not. They decided it was up, and we were soon to be confirmed with that. The First Rocket missed, the 2nd Overshot, it fired it’s 7.62 Co-axial MG at us. I lay flat, the Bullets cracked over my head.

“SHIT! GET BACK!!!!” A Voice Screamed loudly next to me. I think it was the LT. I was still rolling back in the dirt, avoiding bullets. I got into the defilade. I look back to where we were, Sgt. Govaerts didn’t flinch, neither did Bravo AT Team, PFC. Smith and CPL. Grobler Fired at at the same time. The Smoke cleared at the T-72 was in a fireball. Next thing I knew 2LT was leading 1-4 over the knoll past ST. Marie towards hill 403. 1-1 and 1-2 were moving to our west towards hill 403, 2LT was with us in 1-4 as we covered the other squad’s approach. I was shivering in the Shadow of the Hill as we climbed up it. My Kitbag was still digging into my shoulder, I was cold, wet, sore, and scared. Even though I was getting quite the workout, my muscles were chilled, and were slow to move. We eventually reached near the top, but careful not to crest the hill it was warm on the hill, the grass was shining brightly and was dry. The wind chill was still making a nip in the air. 1-4 was closer to the Mountain tip, while 1-1 and 1-2 were to the left and right of us, just below the crest of the hill on the south side. Objective Foxtrot was just to the North. I layed down near Bourn, I needed to stay close in case he needs ammo.


Something had spotted us and was shooting at us with 23mm HE. we stayed low, then the 2LT ordered us to crest and engage the enemy. I ran up, but bullets went over my head and I couldn't see, I fell to the ground rolling back to the defilade, Steel was pinned back on the ground, bourn was trying to bandage someone, I couldn’t see who, blood coated the bodies face. I was frozen in time laying on the ground, looking towards the hilltop seeing tracers go over it, if we crested that hill, we’d be dead for sure. Bourn was frantically trying to bandage the casualty, I couldn’t move, it was as if my cold sore muscles locked up. The loud explosions died down. 2LT, Screamed for 1-4 to get up and follow him. Me and Steel were tight on his six, Smith and Grobler still stayed put. We were moving so fast I didn’t think they heard the LT. I had no idea where Sgt Govaerts or Bourn were. We flanked around the little hill on top of the mountain and were able to set a right flank on them. I told Steel to see if he could run back and grab Smith and Grobler, but Sgt. Gardner had already brought them up. Me and Steel were on the West side of the hill while the rest of 1-4 and Sgt. Gardner were flanking on the north side. Bullets cracked and hit the dirt around me, there was another enemy position to the west, and we were wide open. I screamed for steel to get down and suppress. I looked around for the LT. to tell him we are exposed. He Ran from, the North Side down a bit to the west Side, I shouted we were exposed. Me and Steel followed him dodging bullets. The Sun was in our eyes, has we tried to pick out targets from the west. Steel and I, following the LT were on top of the hill, I asked steel where the rest of 1-4 was. LT interjected and told us to get off the hill, that’s when we heard a MI-8’s rotor blades it flew over us and turned as if to start a strafe on us. When the first rounds started to hit the ground from the MI-8, we started running towards the bottom of the hill, we were about to get into the defilade from the MI-8. Then a 7.62 ripped through my right leg. I collapsed as blood began to run down my leg. I heard more bullets and loud cracks over my head. I looked over to my left, LT was down and wasn’t moving. Steel was crouched near him screaming for aid.

“Abbott! I Need help bandaging him!”. My Mouth was dry and my muscles ached as I tried to tell him I was hit and bleeding from my leg pretty bad. I was shaking, and realized I was bleeding from both my arms has I tried to bandage my leg. I was in intense pain, and my entire body locked up.

“Abbott! I can’t stop the bleeding!” Steel screamed with a shaky voice. I came too and threw on a few bandages onto my arms, and I crawled towards the LT. I put some more bandages on the LT, and gave him a shot of Epi. The LT came too and screamed for us to get off the Hill. I collapsed, my ears ringing. I felt new sharp and intense pain in my torso and legs. I knew the Hind had made another strafe and brand new 7.62 had made their mark. I moved my arms around trying to move away, all I felt was Steel’s body, not moving. The blood from my legs and arms poured out and slightly warmed my skin. My Fatigues once wet with dew, were now drenched in sweat, and blood. I couldn’t move. I got a chill in my spine, and started to shiver. The ground and grass around me felt soft and comforting. It was warm to my shivering body. My eyes stung with sweat and tears. A cool breeze touched me and my ears stopped ringing, and all I heard and felt was a cool breeze, the crackle of bullets, the sound of rotor blades, the clanking of the Metal M4’s, the sound of Kits rattling, all stopped. For once on this wretched Island of Pain and Misery, there was peace. My eyes went blank, my senses were numb and all I could think about was of home. My body was cold, but I did not shiver. I could numbly feel the warm blood, cool on my skin. My face was in the dirt, and my numb face felt the prickle of grass. My mind went dark, my eyes went black. And only my soul felt alive.

I was warm again. The smell of fuel and cold steel once again filled my nose. Was I given a 2nd chance? I did not care nor have the time to question such a gift. I grabbed my kit, and fell out of the hanger to the rest of 1-4 and Legion 1 Command. I didn’t question, ‘Why?’ anymore. It didn’t matter. Lawful Reasoning's, and Moral Justifications, no longer mattered. An Idea had awakened in me, just like every Sky Soldier after their first Contact, Their First Firefight, Their First Blood, Had Awakened. It is you, my fellow Airborne; I’ll defend.

“We’ll Defend!”

@copyright July, 2016. Daniel I. Abbott.

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#65293 Winter Break - Frost's Memories

Posted by PFC A.Frost on 12 January 2019 - 02:42 PM




Thank you for having me here! I can not wait for the adventures to come! Have a frosty day! Be sure to eat a lot of curry :D 

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#49692 Selfie

Posted by 1LT C.Bedlam on 26 January 2018 - 08:02 AM

My homie didn't want to be in the picture but whatever.



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#33088 Teaser of Schmidt's monthly project

Posted by D.Schmidt on 12 February 2017 - 04:15 AM

Working on a month long project that will be combining all the footage from all members I can get my hands on. Will include hilarious/stupid moments that occur during operations and other events. This is more to hone my video editing skills and put something together that the unit can laugh at, but for now, here's a little teaser, courtesy of SSG Hedd. 




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#29708 Giving Yourself Zeus

Posted by 1LT C.Bedlam on 01 December 2016 - 12:15 AM

So I'm going to show you how I setup my composition to give myself or others Zeus every time. Again this is the way I do and I find it the simplest.



Picture Explanation


  1. Place the "173rd Modules" somewhere.
  2. You will see these hexagons with peoples name's in it.
  3. Copy one of those hexagons (doesn't matter which one) and paste it close by.
  4. Double click on that hexagon and change the "Variable Name" to your name, and in the "Owner" section copy and paste your Steam UID in it.
  5. Hit okay and than right click on that newly edited hexagon; Hover over the "Connect" part and click "Sync to". 
  6. Simply click on a previously linked hexagon so that they are all matching and connected.



To save this every time you put down the composition follow the steps below.


Picture Explanation


  1. Highlight everything in the module.
  2. Right click it and hit " Save Custom Composition".
  3. Name it whatever you want, and save it under whatever category you want, and click OK.
  4. Now if you go to where to compositions are you will see your new module saved in there.


Side note: You can make a composition literally out of anything.

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#19679 Best Image of the Unit Competition

Posted by 1LT C.Bedlam on 10 June 2016 - 02:32 AM


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#11942 Collected Snapshots

Posted by A.Lucas on 25 January 2016 - 11:31 PM

Some pictures I took during my time in the unit so far:





















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#66772 Before the Vietnam OPs...

Posted by SPC C.Byrd on 15 February 2019 - 01:54 PM

There was Vietnam testing. Found this gem of a screenshot from 15APR2016.



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#33954 S9 Video teaser trailer

Posted by A.Saladucha on 27 February 2017 - 09:18 PM

Bump for updated teaser. Video should be fully up by the end of this week if all goes well. Enjoy :D


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#31815 173rd is Going Social

Posted by MSG J.Corbett on 19 January 2017 - 01:38 PM



In an attempt to increase our reach and improve recruiting, the 173rd Airborne Brigade is revitalizing its Facebook page. We've had a presence on social media for some time, but it has remained largely unused. WO1 Grey is in the process of developing a schedule that will see the page updated with content on a regular schedule. S9 will be supplying as much media as possible for his use, but we need your help to succeed!




The Artwork section of our forums has numerous threads containing great screenshots that we plan to highlight. We would like to invite you to add to this amazing collection. Any time you take a set of screen grabs from an operation, training, or recreational Arma activity, we encourage you to share those images in the Artwork section. You may become Facebook famous when your screenshot goes viral on social media! Okay, while that's unlikely to happen, you will definitely be contributing to the unit's presence in this space, which will enable us to continue to grow.




Thank you in advance for your participation - we look forward to seeing your amazing shots!



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#28908 Saladucha's pictures

Posted by A.Saladucha on 13 November 2016 - 04:49 PM


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