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Welcome to the website of the 173rd Airborne Brigade MilSim Unit!

Have you considered enlisting with the 173rd?

Learn more about the our MilSim unit HERE!

Welcome to the official site of the 173rd Airborne Brigade Milsim Unit.
If you would like to be part of the 173rd, please register and submit an application by clicking the Enlist  link located in the menu above.

Public Liberation Server

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TeamSpeak Server - TS3.173rd.us

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Monthly Donation Goal

Funding Goal: $175
Donations Received: $25.00
Fees Paid: $1.03  (4.1% of gross)

Still Needed: $151.03
Days Remaining: 18


Recent Donations

1. SSG J.Frey$25.00
2. SPC A.Palacio$7.06
3. SSG J.Frey$25.00
4. 1SG J.Hedd$100.00
5. D.Tucker$67.94
6. D.Tucker$122.06
7. SPC C.Monetti$40.00
8. SSG J.Frey$25.00
9. CPL J.Govaerts$40.00
10. SPC B.Armstrong$16.00
11. SPC C.Porter$100.00
12. CPL J.Govaerts$20.00
13. SSG J.Frey$25.00
14. SGT L.Storey$10.00
15. SGT J.Woodard$25.00
16. SPC S.Bathgate$115.00
17. SPC R.Maris$50.00
18. SPC A.Armada$25.00
19. SSG J.Frey$25.00
20. SFC R.Agliam$50.00

All Time Top Donors

1. 1SG R.Swords$1,000.00
2. 1SG J.Hedd$680.00
3. SPC S.Bathgate$547.80
4. SPC C.Porter$500.00
5. SGT L.Storey$437.44
6. SSG J.Frey$435.00
7. D.Tucker$426.19
8. SPC C.Downs$408.35
9. F.Remus$370.37
10. 1LT B.Gromis$300.24

Over $5,568 donated by these 10 soldiers!